Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nemesis - the greek goddess of revenge!

I can challenge, delight and induce
its all upto your excuse
heighten my dose, i'll make u abuse
take some more, your conscience will fuse
Run away from me, try if u can
with every breath, your lungs - i will seduce

Lover o'mine, an addict u are
i'll astound and confound, amuse and confuse
give me up, that can't be
the pleasure i give is not for free
surrender and pain i owe u as dues
i become stronger as u reduce

Many men have i slaved
for you're not the only one
many men have i harrowed
every father, every son

the ones who surrendered, their lives - blurred
the ones who rebelled were shaken and stirred
but no one escaped, my leashes so strong
are you the one who'd prove me wrong?

Rise my child, 'coz now its your turn
ignite me again, for u I'd burn
as the night dissolves in the light of the sun
a mother will lose yet another son!

1 comment:

Solitude said...

Brilliant!!! This is your best entry as far as I am concerned. Bloody Brilliant!!