Friday, February 1, 2008


It takes going though a complete mayhem, being part of a stampede, getting ur ass fucked from all the sides, screaming ur lungs out till its over.. but it aint over till IRON MAIDEN says 'Hhhhhhaaaaallllowwwwwed beee thy naaaaaaammmmmmmmmmeeeeee', to truly experience the power of iron maiden controlling a massive croud of wasted youth at the mumbai mmrda grounds, on 1st feb 2008!

After all that me and my friends had to go through to get there, buy tickets, get high and finally get to the golden spot.... right there 5 ft away from bruce!!.. aaaah the life couldn't get any better.....(or so we thought).. but then bruce ordered,'Scream for me mumbai'...'scream for me mumbai'.... 'scream for me mumbai'
and we screamed like we'd never screamed

every beat nicko played on his cage-like drum kit.. was the beat of my heart

was it a rock show, a drama, a theatrical musical or iron maiden at its best!!
whatever it was, it flipped us all 'SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME'

highlights... well '2 minutes to midnight, rime of the ancient mariner, trooper, moonchild, run to the hills, Iron Maiden, wasted years, can i play with madness, fear of the dark, hallowed be thy name'

if that wasn't enough, the backdrop changed with every track.. bruce literally changed costumes, eddie- the 10 ft giant robot walked in to shoot down everybody when bruce yelled,' iron maiden is gonna get all of u!'

3 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, 1 vocalist, 1 key boards... it couldnt get any better than this!

the euphoria, the screaming crowds, the fainting ppl, the sweat drenched afternoon and breezy evening.. the 15 min long ancient mariner... the whole experience was worth every single penny busted and evry single last drop of sweat




Manu Akula said...

I hate going to concerts of bands I dont listen to. Besides concerts in India are over-rated.

Most people who go to these concerts dont even know the lyrics and look at you as if you are an alien if you actually sing along.

PS: Pink Floyd >>> Every Other Band

Hell said...

all i can say is FUTURE IS MAHYEM..LOL