Saturday, July 24, 2010

City of Dreams

When sand ran through his hands,
in her hair it got stuck,
the evening started at nine,
in the background of traffic thump,
the nights, they never came,
and sleep was unheard of,
it was called the city of dreams,
in this city we once met.

Where train timings were our only villains,
And love was measured by auto fare,
It was the city of freedom,
where life was drenched in salty air.
The raindrops came unannounced,
and kept pouring down for months.
They said it was the city of dreams,
in this city, we once met.

Our lives ran on just three tracks,
We were lost in east and west,
And every day was like yesterday,
you were the pawn, I was the jest,
we were lost in this city of dreams,
and you did what you had to do,
If its still that city of dreams,
This is where I’ll wait for you.