Wednesday, April 2, 2008

pepper eves

The days, as they were
I reminisce today
We rose, as we fell
I thought they’d stay
The pepper sprinkled evenings
And the forbidden delights
Taste buds were tingled
As the smoke filled the nights

Was it days or weeks
I can’t decide
But it was without a doubt
The best time of my life
From the 24 hours of the day
The evenings I tried to steal
Waking though the dark
It was almost surreal

Burning tingle of pepper
Slowly faded away
Through the deceitful windows
The dawn made its way
Then came a nauseous morning
with hangover for souvenir
the summer time was over
and gone was the pepper filled air!

Monday, March 24, 2008


An idea can change the world
but what value do my words have?
The permutation/combination of letters
Or is it just a random obsession

A mystery one can never solve
In my mind, the alphabets dissolve
What remains is a thought
A feeling that can’t be bought

A stimulation that words can’t render
Like the first rain drops on a flower
Like the first kiss, oh the first love
Who am I to describe, I’m no philosopher
I’m just a mortal, attempting to conquer
The mind and the soul, a big black hole
Is love a part or is it the whole

I wonder as I wander on
Truth is, I was never born
I was always in the words
Of poets and of saints

My ingredients existed in the feelings
Of fools and lovers too
Oh I’m unique, I’m an individual
But my feelings are nothing new
I’m just some blood with the clay
The same joys, the same pain

What is new that I bring to the world
When all I feel is just borrowed
These thoughts that keep sprouting
While I seek the truth, Oh my mind is harrowed

All that’s new is the ideas
And the journey it generates
The destination is the same
We do all that it takes

The mind games or the sword fights
Oh they are but the same
One hurts the mind, other the body
But isn’t the one hurt the same…

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Iron horse

There he stands by his iron horse
There she waits with her bag of dreams
The night is falling, the star-lit sky
And they start on their journey!

The highways and streets they tread on
To the places, she’d never seen
The ride is fast and smooth
The way he promised it to be

Take a shelter in a faraway town
Saving every last penny
Sleeping with backs against each other
But the hearts are entwining deep

They wait for the morning sun
To resume their journey again
Unaware of destiny’s conspiracy
Pure passion, pure pain…

Through passing hours and miles
An almost dizzying pace
He looks back into the rear view
The wind jostling her hair

He stops right there to fight her hair
And one little kiss he steals
A little jolt and she opens her eyes
Oh that was but a dream!

The midnight ride and the moonlight
It almost casts a spell
The shimmering lights and the stars above
And his intoxicating smell!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nemesis - the greek goddess of revenge!

I can challenge, delight and induce
its all upto your excuse
heighten my dose, i'll make u abuse
take some more, your conscience will fuse
Run away from me, try if u can
with every breath, your lungs - i will seduce

Lover o'mine, an addict u are
i'll astound and confound, amuse and confuse
give me up, that can't be
the pleasure i give is not for free
surrender and pain i owe u as dues
i become stronger as u reduce

Many men have i slaved
for you're not the only one
many men have i harrowed
every father, every son

the ones who surrendered, their lives - blurred
the ones who rebelled were shaken and stirred
but no one escaped, my leashes so strong
are you the one who'd prove me wrong?

Rise my child, 'coz now its your turn
ignite me again, for u I'd burn
as the night dissolves in the light of the sun
a mother will lose yet another son!

Friday, February 1, 2008


It takes going though a complete mayhem, being part of a stampede, getting ur ass fucked from all the sides, screaming ur lungs out till its over.. but it aint over till IRON MAIDEN says 'Hhhhhhaaaaallllowwwwwed beee thy naaaaaaammmmmmmmmmeeeeee', to truly experience the power of iron maiden controlling a massive croud of wasted youth at the mumbai mmrda grounds, on 1st feb 2008!

After all that me and my friends had to go through to get there, buy tickets, get high and finally get to the golden spot.... right there 5 ft away from bruce!!.. aaaah the life couldn't get any better.....(or so we thought).. but then bruce ordered,'Scream for me mumbai'...'scream for me mumbai'.... 'scream for me mumbai'
and we screamed like we'd never screamed

every beat nicko played on his cage-like drum kit.. was the beat of my heart

was it a rock show, a drama, a theatrical musical or iron maiden at its best!!
whatever it was, it flipped us all 'SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME'

highlights... well '2 minutes to midnight, rime of the ancient mariner, trooper, moonchild, run to the hills, Iron Maiden, wasted years, can i play with madness, fear of the dark, hallowed be thy name'

if that wasn't enough, the backdrop changed with every track.. bruce literally changed costumes, eddie- the 10 ft giant robot walked in to shoot down everybody when bruce yelled,' iron maiden is gonna get all of u!'

3 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, 1 vocalist, 1 key boards... it couldnt get any better than this!

the euphoria, the screaming crowds, the fainting ppl, the sweat drenched afternoon and breezy evening.. the 15 min long ancient mariner... the whole experience was worth every single penny busted and evry single last drop of sweat