Wednesday, September 5, 2007

midnight blues!

i've just returned from a nice midnight drive on the palm beach road with a couple of like minded, absolutely jobless bunch of friends...!
can't help but wonder if this last yr at colg. means the end of carefree, purely fun dedicated living or does it embark upon the beginning of a new joyride in the work industry!
gosh, its tooo complicated and weird

but i give no shit..
taking life the way its coming
thats true living!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


eyyy wadup my non-existent readers...
well i just realised how i always end up in foot in mouth situations, which i think is caused by my non-brain-processed verbal diahorrea! i end up feeling so lame when the words/insults just flow out of my mouth without much thought!! lol
its absoutely insane! i am publically announcing the mental disease that i'm suffering from... the obsessive compulsive disorder
i hav the OCD of talkin or rather blurting out things with no considerations of the consequences wat so ever! heheh
but i really do not give a fuck
one life... one shot.. hav fun

live todaY to the fullest

TOMORROW, U ASK?? dEvIl mAy cArE!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

well back again...
its so unfair... life's all damp n grey..
all thanks to the mumbai weather
years gone by and still its so hard to get used to these doomed monsoons
i remember the rains in delhi used to be so different
the first showers of early monsoon were enough to make the dull sun-blasted faces of us kids, SMILE!
the aroma of fresh droplets falling on the dry, thirsty land were enough to raise our spirits... getting drenched in our uniforms... damn that used to be so much fun!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

music on scrutiny

i'm plannin to be a full time blogger from now on... seriously!
okay the highlights of my recent past...
i did a shoot for VH1's Nation's favourite awards
yeah yeah i'm all stylist n all now...
well the fun tht i had making ppl change into real hot clothes n all is not gonna b a part of this post

its more about the fun ppl i met
on one hand there were these full-on wasted young collegiates and on the other hand there were some really focussed rockers, rappers, social activists... so varied yet so similar wen it comes to the dedication that they have for their music
all die hard fans of a particular genre that hits the home run with them
it got me thinking how we create this li'l private sanctuary around us that makes us feel all safe n secure.. like thats our comfort zone...
u meet a person with the same music taste n there u go.... u connect so effortlessly!

well i met a lot of fascinating ppl and started chattin up with this rock band,'groove lab' and started discussing how the rock scene in india is changing.
by the way i'm a hardcore rocker, even though i'm not into the absolut heavy metal dhik-chik, no lyrics, all noise shit... but this is the genre that i relate to!
my colg is an ideal example of the young voices of india... coz u see these bunch of bright young indians from almost every part f the country..
the rock scene is really picking up this time around... evryone wants to b a part of the revolution!

someone's in awe of slash n is trying to balance the guitaring wit the smoke sticking out of lips... while the other is mastering the eddie vedder singing style to perfection... u'd see these ppl randomly jamming around the campus... well wat brings these ppl together is the similar liking of music!

okay i'm bored... i thought i'd post whole lotta crap but i guess its time to shut the trap n save u lesser mortals with the unavoidable damge that i cud cause you... lolzz

c'ya losers

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

an utterly complicated concept, say some
the overly-hyped social sport, tastefully played by the rich n famous
the desperate dose of life breathed by the glossy mag reading young girls
the ever changing facade adorned by the plastic addicts!

opinions, views or contradictions!

whatever it may be, its as much a part of your life as its mine!
consciously or unconsciously, fashion seems to smoothly make way into our wardrobes, our lifestyles and our mindsets
its so interesting to see the same long bohemien skirts that were on indian runway 3 yrs ago, now a part of every indian woman's closet!
it may take a slow route for us to accept it, but it surely does succeed in penetrating our mindsets, every now and then.. it may even be successful in altering them!

fashion is not an imposed public order dictated by the so called fashion leaders or the 'creme d'la creme' of the society but it is a definite change of lifestyle, ideologies, hesitations, acceptance and most of all style with changing times

Sunday, May 20, 2007

music.. its very very powerful!
its so powerful that it can, more often than not, tell u ur state of mind!
i can associate people, places or situations to music!
i mean most people i know get reminded of someone, sometime or the other in their life, when they listen to the track 'leavin on the jet plane!'

music has the power to inspire you or even depress you, at times it can also take u on a trip!
music can set the right mood.
i dont really know if i can express myself in the appropriate words about how much music means to me or how much i'm addicted to it, but one thing's for sure that i can't imagine a sane life without it.

its soo late n i can't sleep.. one thing thats keepin me up (besides the smokes n this blog) is the music.
like the phases of life that keep on winding, so does my music preference!
i've got so many things that r up my head right now n i wish i could share them or more like accept the fact that i'm actually thinkin bout them but u know u just can't stand up to ur own self sometimes. at times, its just seems a lot less complicated to live in denial. i feel like music teases u at times... lol

i kno i'm soundin pretty illogical n very very random but well thats just me
i mean u're dealin with ur own mental battles n then u hear this track that goes on n on tellin u how about how great life n shit is! i mean u're left thinkin... wat, r u kiddin me??

but whatever music may be or may not be to u, to me its divine!

i'd end on the following note,
'if music be the food of love, play it on, play it on...'
lemme know wats playin on ur playlist! lol

Saturday, May 12, 2007

hey everybody,

i am anybody..

the cyberworld frees your imagination to imagine what i am like... am i tall or short, young or wrinkled, blessed with the silver spoon or the queen of the rags, a focussed visionary or the eternal bohemian? i could be any of the above combinations or nothing like them at all... but it wouldn't make a difference coz i'd still be a mystery!

i'd keep the descriptions and introductions for later! i'm not here to be appreciated for all that i can make u believe that i am and neither am i here to make friends... i'm just here to pour my heart out. get the load off my head!

i think, feel, analyze, absorb, criticize or appreciate... but whatever i do it keeps on piling up in my head! this is the exact reason why i made this li'l sanctuary for my voracious mind let my thoughts loose!

i have a penchant for life and anybody does so too is free to read my blog and give me their honest feedback!