Saturday, August 18, 2007


eyyy wadup my non-existent readers...
well i just realised how i always end up in foot in mouth situations, which i think is caused by my non-brain-processed verbal diahorrea! i end up feeling so lame when the words/insults just flow out of my mouth without much thought!! lol
its absoutely insane! i am publically announcing the mental disease that i'm suffering from... the obsessive compulsive disorder
i hav the OCD of talkin or rather blurting out things with no considerations of the consequences wat so ever! heheh
but i really do not give a fuck
one life... one shot.. hav fun

live todaY to the fullest

TOMORROW, U ASK?? dEvIl mAy cArE!!

1 comment:

Sakshi Gambhir said...

RaNdOm RuLeS!~
aLL yOuR pOsTs aRe vErY iNtErEsTiNgLy wRiTTen
n I LoVe tHe hOnEsTy bOuT eAcH OnE oF tHeM!!
rOcK oN ~