Wednesday, June 6, 2007

an utterly complicated concept, say some
the overly-hyped social sport, tastefully played by the rich n famous
the desperate dose of life breathed by the glossy mag reading young girls
the ever changing facade adorned by the plastic addicts!

opinions, views or contradictions!

whatever it may be, its as much a part of your life as its mine!
consciously or unconsciously, fashion seems to smoothly make way into our wardrobes, our lifestyles and our mindsets
its so interesting to see the same long bohemien skirts that were on indian runway 3 yrs ago, now a part of every indian woman's closet!
it may take a slow route for us to accept it, but it surely does succeed in penetrating our mindsets, every now and then.. it may even be successful in altering them!

fashion is not an imposed public order dictated by the so called fashion leaders or the 'creme d'la creme' of the society but it is a definite change of lifestyle, ideologies, hesitations, acceptance and most of all style with changing times

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