Sunday, May 20, 2007

music.. its very very powerful!
its so powerful that it can, more often than not, tell u ur state of mind!
i can associate people, places or situations to music!
i mean most people i know get reminded of someone, sometime or the other in their life, when they listen to the track 'leavin on the jet plane!'

music has the power to inspire you or even depress you, at times it can also take u on a trip!
music can set the right mood.
i dont really know if i can express myself in the appropriate words about how much music means to me or how much i'm addicted to it, but one thing's for sure that i can't imagine a sane life without it.

its soo late n i can't sleep.. one thing thats keepin me up (besides the smokes n this blog) is the music.
like the phases of life that keep on winding, so does my music preference!
i've got so many things that r up my head right now n i wish i could share them or more like accept the fact that i'm actually thinkin bout them but u know u just can't stand up to ur own self sometimes. at times, its just seems a lot less complicated to live in denial. i feel like music teases u at times... lol

i kno i'm soundin pretty illogical n very very random but well thats just me
i mean u're dealin with ur own mental battles n then u hear this track that goes on n on tellin u how about how great life n shit is! i mean u're left thinkin... wat, r u kiddin me??

but whatever music may be or may not be to u, to me its divine!

i'd end on the following note,
'if music be the food of love, play it on, play it on...'
lemme know wats playin on ur playlist! lol

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chitrank upadhyay said...

I couldn't imagine a sane life without music either :)