Saturday, May 12, 2007

hey everybody,

i am anybody..

the cyberworld frees your imagination to imagine what i am like... am i tall or short, young or wrinkled, blessed with the silver spoon or the queen of the rags, a focussed visionary or the eternal bohemian? i could be any of the above combinations or nothing like them at all... but it wouldn't make a difference coz i'd still be a mystery!

i'd keep the descriptions and introductions for later! i'm not here to be appreciated for all that i can make u believe that i am and neither am i here to make friends... i'm just here to pour my heart out. get the load off my head!

i think, feel, analyze, absorb, criticize or appreciate... but whatever i do it keeps on piling up in my head! this is the exact reason why i made this li'l sanctuary for my voracious mind let my thoughts loose!

i have a penchant for life and anybody does so too is free to read my blog and give me their honest feedback!

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