Monday, March 24, 2008


An idea can change the world
but what value do my words have?
The permutation/combination of letters
Or is it just a random obsession

A mystery one can never solve
In my mind, the alphabets dissolve
What remains is a thought
A feeling that can’t be bought

A stimulation that words can’t render
Like the first rain drops on a flower
Like the first kiss, oh the first love
Who am I to describe, I’m no philosopher
I’m just a mortal, attempting to conquer
The mind and the soul, a big black hole
Is love a part or is it the whole

I wonder as I wander on
Truth is, I was never born
I was always in the words
Of poets and of saints

My ingredients existed in the feelings
Of fools and lovers too
Oh I’m unique, I’m an individual
But my feelings are nothing new
I’m just some blood with the clay
The same joys, the same pain

What is new that I bring to the world
When all I feel is just borrowed
These thoughts that keep sprouting
While I seek the truth, Oh my mind is harrowed

All that’s new is the ideas
And the journey it generates
The destination is the same
We do all that it takes

The mind games or the sword fights
Oh they are but the same
One hurts the mind, other the body
But isn’t the one hurt the same…

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