Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Iron horse

There he stands by his iron horse
There she waits with her bag of dreams
The night is falling, the star-lit sky
And they start on their journey!

The highways and streets they tread on
To the places, she’d never seen
The ride is fast and smooth
The way he promised it to be

Take a shelter in a faraway town
Saving every last penny
Sleeping with backs against each other
But the hearts are entwining deep

They wait for the morning sun
To resume their journey again
Unaware of destiny’s conspiracy
Pure passion, pure pain…

Through passing hours and miles
An almost dizzying pace
He looks back into the rear view
The wind jostling her hair

He stops right there to fight her hair
And one little kiss he steals
A little jolt and she opens her eyes
Oh that was but a dream!

The midnight ride and the moonlight
It almost casts a spell
The shimmering lights and the stars above
And his intoxicating smell!

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