Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Game

Let’s play a game today

The one we played in school

I’ll arrange some random words

U’ll have to find them a meaning

Don’t try too hard to find

I’ll keep it easy this first time

Friend, we, instantly, were

Years, many, gone, by

Better, we, now, each other, know

Things, few, my, on, mind, are

Are u getting what I’m sayin

Or r u baffled by this rhyme?

rides, music, rum, insomnia

Outlining the wasted times

the smoke, nights, speed, laughter

and the never ending fights

the chemistry lessons, the vapor shift,

simple words.. I hope u get the drift!

Chasing, running, connecting, forgetting

U, know, I, hope, at, what, I’m, getting

May not be perfect, I, and, are, neither, you

Lets spend the time guessing what got us through

Better, life may be, when, are, u, by my side

Lets take it slow, lets see what we find!

The games we played.. many

This was the last one

Was it nice one, my dear?

Did you read the words? was it fun?

So tell me now

How long will it take

for you to make sense of

this last string of words i make...

I…… You…… Love…

(yes, i'm corny sometimes)


S said...

First time at ur blog. good stuff.

Spardha Malik said...

thanks S.

gayatri said...

smart writing. loved this one