Saturday, September 26, 2009


U fall, u break, get up and chase

The pieces, the edges, they weld but shake

At night they tremble

By dawn they stumble

Come wind, come rain

By day they’re back on the way

They stick together like parts of engine

They steam, they heat.. stick to the beat

Cover the miles.. rewind and repeat

Maintain the pace, pump up the race

Breathing down each other’s neck

Never face to face.

Crossing the deserts, streams and lakes

Off the highway, a narrow escape

They’ve been at it for years

For months and days

They reach the mountains

And the map is traced

The journey’s to end

That’s its fate

Today or tomorrow

Sooner or late

The curtain falls on one

Others shall wait

The path he treads

To the holy gate

The journey has ended

For that’s its fate

Righteous or not

Watch and wait

The end is near

That’s no debate

The turn has come

Walk down the gate!


مى said...

Wow, I could never do this! Neat :)


lavelle said...

beautiful words

Wessam said...

makes one's thoughts rush, very nice indeed.

and thanks for stopping by ;)

ani_aset said...

this is very well written..nice comfortable feeling this gives :)